2017 Sponsors


Warwick Basses and Amps has been on the forefront of the bass scene since 1982.  As one of the first companies to incorporate active electronics and exotic woods into their designs, Warwick quickly made a big splash in the bass market.  Warwick is known for their unmatched level of quality and attention to detail as well as their commitment to manufacturing in an environmentally friendly atmosphere.   In addition to world class basses, Warwick is well known for their bass amplification products.  Warwick amps can be found on stages around the world being played by some of the most well known players in the industry. 


We are very pleased to support Warwick endorsing artist Chuck Rainey with his appearance at the 2017 Bass Bash!


Aguilar Amplification

Aguilar Amplification is dedicated to using superior engineering processes to make great gear for bass players. By Designing and manufacturing heads, cabinets, preamps, pickups and effects pedals, we can contribute to many aspects of the sound of the Bass. At Aguilar, we approach every product that we manufacture with real world, musical understanding. Because we are a team of bass players and engineers, we start by visualizing gear from the musician’s perspective and then proceed with inspired engineering. We have a credo of “constant improvement”, that helps us move forward daily and create products that will contribute to your music. Aguilar amplifiers, cabinets and pedals can be found on concert stages and in recording studios around the world. Our preamps and new line of pickups are used in many of the world’s best basses. We’re proud to play a part in the sound of so many great bass players, and we look forward to being part of your sound!  

We are very pleased to support Aguilar Amplification artists Janek Gwizdala, Tony Grey, and Aguilar pedal & effects endorsers Federico Malaman and Bryan Ladd with their appearance at the 2016 Bass Bash!



IQS is an Italian company that manufactures high quality music strings for electric and acoustic guitar and bass.

Strings are produced with nickel plated, stainless steel, pure nickel, bronze, phosphor bronze, silver plated, coated clear, coated color

They spent many years to research the best strings and features they should have.The goal of the company is to satisfy all the musicians for all genres of music, manufacturing the most accurate sounding strings.

These strings are very expressive, soft and comfortable. Well balanced, give you an incredible sustain and sound definition. Harmonics are very consistent and defined. IQS Strings are perfect for all the styles : slapping, tapping, popping, picking, fingering. You have just to chose the material and your gauge, and play for a long time !  www.iqsstrings.com


Proamp is the new Italian brand of professional bass amplifiers.

They are engineered and manufactured completely in Italy.

They sound defined, clear and very powerful !! Very light and compact, feature quality digital power amp and neodymium speakers. Range of power from 300W to 1000W. Available different cabinet configurations and combo. Must try them and enjoy ! www.proamp.it

We are very pleased to support IQS endorsing artists Federico Malaman and Maurizio Rolli with their appearance at the 2017 Bass Bash! 

Fodera Guitars

Since 1983 Fodera Guitars has been one of the most sought after custom bass guitar brands in the world. Fodera’s Standard and Custom Lines of hand-built instruments are known for their exceptional tone, playability and pro-player reliability.

Over the years Fodera has deliberately stayed small and local. Every Fodera is hand-crafted in its Brooklyn, NY shop by skilled artisans dedicated to one thing only – building the finest electrical stringed instruments possible – instruments that perfectly blend form and function in a way that makes them impossible to put down.

We are very pleased to support Fodera endorsing artists Janek Gwizdala , Tony Grey and  Bryan Ladd with their appearance at the 2017 Bass Bash!


F Bass

F Bass has been handcrafting instruments out of Hamilton, ON, Canada since 1978. The F bass design has evolved over 35 years of creating, repairing and studying other instruments, and it has been our desire to learn from and improve upon those designs. We hope that these refinements create a niche away from basses that sound and feel “high-tech”. Whether it be a Fender inspired 4 string P bass or an original design 6 string fretless with an exotic top and Piezo pickup system, we want our instruments to sound organic and true to the tonewoods used. 

We are very pleased to support FBass endorsing artists Michael League and Maurizio Rolli with their appearance at the 2017 Bass Bash!



Made with love in Germany since 1986

Since 30 years, Sandberg has set its sights on building unique basses and guitars. It is our passion to create instruments with heart and soul, and make them feel in your hands like they are just made for you.

The Sandberg philosophy is to offer the customer a huge range of options.

With our web-configurator, you can choose  30.000 combinations of  options to create YOUR special “dream bass”. To optimize each single detail of our basses, all hardware parts are completely designed in house.

 Over the last 30 years we developed lots of different and unique finishes, for example Sandberg is well known for its authentic aging process. 

Special look, special sound … special Sandberg

We are very pleased to support Sandberg endorsing artist Ida Nielsen with her appearance at the 2017 Bass Bash!


Mayones Guitars & Basses

Handmade In Poland Since 1982

Mayones instruments find their origin in the very same place music starts – the heart. Their essence stems from passion of the talented musicians we work with and the devotion of our experienced luthiers. Our guitars and basses are the result of the perfect blend of over 30 years of tradition, modern technology we use and affection at every stage of the building process.

Every guitar and bass follow the same production routine: take the skills and the experience of our luthiers, implement strict quality standards at every step of production and add the elusive touch of our love to guitars. The result is always the same – a top notch instrument with soul and built-in inspiration.

We are very pleased to support Mayones endorsing artists Federico Malaman and Maurizio Rolli  with their appearance at the 2017 Bass Bash!



Markbass has revolutionized bass amplification becoming a main brand worldwide, creating products that reproduce the natural sound of your instrument in a compact-lightweight package, using top-quality components and construction for superior reliability!

We are very pleased to support Markbass endorsing artists Michael League and Maurizio Rolli with their appearance at the 2017 Bass Bash!


MTD - Michael Tobias Design





We are very pleased to support TecAmp endorsing artist Andrew Gouché with his appearance at the 2017 Bass Bash!

TecAmp USA

Yamaha Drums

Since 1967, Yamaha drums have garnered high acclaim from the world’s top drummers.

Unsurpassed in sound and quality, they continue to receive praise and admiration throughout the drum industry to this day.  Yamaha has always approached the art of instrument making with respect to the instrument’s origins, drawing upon some of the best facets of Japanese culture: an industrious work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, advanced technologies, and focused passion and energy in making the very best sounding drums.

Not only was Yamaha the first drum company to pioneer innovative acoustic drums and hardware, but it also produced ground-breaking electronic percussion products that integrate seamlessly with its acoustic counterparts creating a new generation of hybrid products. Yamaha continues to innovate manufacturing processes developed over 50 and remains dedicated to designing and creating superior instruments for musicians around the world.

Yamaha is the official drum sponsor of Bass Bash 2017 and proudly supports Jason JT Thomas (Yamaha artist since 2004) and Jimmy Branly (Yamaha artist since 2001) in this year’s event.




The legacy of Supro stretches back to the 1930s and reached its original peak in the mid-60s with the Blue Rhino Hide amps that inspired our reissues. While guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Link Wray, David Bowie and Dan Auerbach used Supro amps and guitars, no musician is more closely associated with the Supro brand than Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. It’s well known that in 1968, Page used a Tele plugged into a customized 1×12 Supro combo amp to record all of the guitar parts on Led Zeppelin’s debut album. The great irony is that Supro went out of business during that same year! Since then, the raw, blues power of Page’s Chicago-made Supro amplifier has been unattainable unless you had the fortune to acquire a vintage piece. In 2013, Absara Audio purchased the rights to the Supro brand name from infamous Fender amp designer, Bruce Zinky. In collaboration with Zinky, our Pigtronix design team created a line of Supro 1964 reissue tube amplifiers which first debuted at the 2014 NAMM show. Since that time, the product line has grown to include 13 amps, 4 extension cabinets and 4 effect pedals. At this year’s NAMM show we are introducing 13 Supro guitar models based on the classics from the 60s.

We are pleased to have Supro artists Michael League, Bob Lanzetti and Chris McQueen performing at this year’s Bass Bash!

Supro Guitar Amps



Eich Amplification

Since 30 years Thomas Eich is known for innovative bass equipment. He started his new company on the 1st of January 2016.

As founder of TecAmp he designed lots of useful solutions for every kind of bass player. His new line is the result of 30 years of engineering and development.

The equipment that he build with passion and dedication is handmade in Germany and will be shown at the NAMM show 2017 for the first time.

We are very pleased to support our bass brother Federico Malaman with his appearance at the 2017 Bass Bash!



TC Electronic

TC Electronic has been a world-leader in pristine, digital and analog audio processing since 1976. Today its product range comprises guitar effects, bass amplification, computer audio interfaces, audio plug-in software, live sound equalisers, studio and post production equipment, studio effect processors and broadcast loudness processors and meters.



Xotic XP, XJ and XPJ Basses: The production of each high quality Xotic bass guitars begins in our Los Angeles, CA shop where the wood, shape, color, hardware, pickups and all other features are precisely designed for each instrument. Every model goes through an extensive process of R&D to determine which wood, construction and electronics will best serve its envisioned use.

Great attention is paid to picking the finest woods for our bodies and necks and each piece is hand selected. Seasoned builders blend old world craftsmanship with modern CNC technology in building each instrument with each step in the process supervised up to Xotic’s meticulous specs.

About Xotic: For nearly 20 years, Xotic has been a leading innovator in sound, design, and tone. Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, Xotic manufactures guitars, basses and effects pedals as well as parts and accessories for musicians. As an integral part of the music community, Xotic listens to the needs of musicians in order to create new, useful and innovative products that musicians love.


Chicago Music Exchange

For more than 25 years, Chicago Music Exchange (CME) has been serving hobbyists, professional musicians and collectors who want straight answers, expertise and first-hand knowledge. This full-service brick-and-mortar and online retailer is highly revered for its immaculate showroom and the finest selection of guitars, amps, bass, effects, and drums and percussion in the world. A premier authority on vintage, new, and used music equipment, it is the destination for avid gear enthusiasts and a must-stop for touring and local artists of all genres. All of the team members you talk to are musicians who pay attention to the details and love to be challenged on the geeky stuff. CME’s esteemed repair shop and vintage buyers are first-class technicians and gear experts who have seen, purchased and fixed just about everything—from every brand, from every generation.

Stop by the flagship store when you are in town to meet us in person and experience our extraordinary store first-hand or visit our website for more information.

Chicago Music Exchange

TCW Services

Toné Compito Wellington, owner of TCW Services is the promotor, organizer and host of the Bass Bash at NAMM.  TCW Services provides much of the volunteer staff at this annual event including assistants at the door, merch sales, stage hands and sound engineers.  The Bass Bash is a not for profit event, and she and majority of her staff do not take any compensation for their services.  This event has been a labor of love with many months and hundreds of hours of planning and hard work to bring this show to the public every year since she inherited the event from her predecessors, Daniel Elliott and Peter DeCuir respectively.  

TCW Services is a consulting/management company serving the music industry.